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Now Available! FPT Therapy

This all-new, ground-breaking procedure helps restore, repair, and regenerate damaged tissues. It’s all-natural, FDA approved, and for the first time ever, available locally to residents near our Westmont, NJ and Wayne, PA locations.
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Chronic back / neck pain can be one of the most troublesome health conditions. People who suffer with pain, are forced to make many sacrifices in their daily lives and activities. Residents in the Camden and Cherry Hill, NJ have drug free, non-surgical alternatives to relieve their pain.

If you are experiencing frequent joint pain, swelling, stiffness or loss of motion, especially with your knees or hips, you could be suffering from a degenerative joint condition known as osteoarthritis. We have been highly successful in treating this condition safely and effectively using a procedure known as Viscosupplementation Therapy. The Atlantic Spine and Joint Institute is one of only four facilities in the State of New Jersey certified to perform this procedure.

Here, at Atlantic Spine & Joint Institute, we are committed to helping people live their lives pain free. Back, neck and joint pain is NOT a natural progression of life. If you or a loved one suffer from chronic back or neck pain, please take the time to learn more about this amazing VAX-D Therapy and how we can help.

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